Paranormal Activity 3 gets a trailer which show it's actually a prequel

Now that SAW has spring its last trap, our new annual horror tradition appears to be a PARNORMAL ACTIVITY movie every Halloween, a film series that is somehow even more low budget than SAW was.

I genuinely liked the first one, and thought it was a pretty great way to maximize scares on a budget, but the problem is once you've seen it once, the gag kind of wears thin afterward. The second film mirrored the first, and it just wasn't scary the second time around, at least not for me. And to keep doing it? How long can this go on?

This third film is being directed by CATFISH's Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, and as you'll see below, is actually a prequel which shows the two sisters from the last two films being haunted as children, as was alluded to in those movies. An important distinction here would be that a ghost is actually SHOWN, which has been a no-no for the series so far.

Can you still be scared by this concept the third time around?

Extra Tidbit: Actually, the second film was a prequel too. Damn misleading numbering.



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