Paranormal Activity 5 coming in October 2013, while the Latino-centric spinoff hits in Spring 2013

Paranormal Activity 4 shadowy figure still

Slight spoilers here regarding just what's going on in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series.  It comes in the second paragraph's description of the "Latino-centric spinoff."

Despite PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 not opening on quite the scale as did the previous movies in the series, the fundamental truth is that the movies in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series are always made for such small sums of money that any business they do is going to be a sizable profit comparatively speaking.  After all, just the first three movies in the series alone have had a combined total budget of around $8 million while raking in over $576 million worldwide.  Which, in what is often a profit-driven greenlighting process, is just wildly attractive to studios everywhere.

Hence why it should surprise nobody that PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 is set for release in October 2013, and around Halloween specifically.  There's no word yet as to where the story might go or who will be involved on the directing side of things for the franchise's fifth installment, but we do have some of those details for the previously-reported-on "Latino-centric" spinoff.  Set to his in Spring 2013, it will be directed by screenwriter Christopher Landon (DISTURBIA) and "include the demon from the PA franchise and star mostly Latino actors and film partly in Spanish." 

If you caught PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 this past weekend then you saw a teaser for said spinoff, something we'll certainly make sure to share with you when it makes its way online.

Michelle Monaghan in black on floor

EAGLE EYE was the semi-sequel to DISTURBIA, a movie in which Michelle Monaghan starred.  Also, looking at her inspires certain sparks of paranormal activity in my pants.  And so, here is a picture of her.

Extra Tidbit: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 made use of Kinect and Skype. What new technology do you think should be utilized for the fifth installment?



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