Parnassus site live

As you all know, Terry Gilliam's latest film THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS stopped production due to the tragic and sudden death of one if its stars, Heath Ledger. There was rampant speculation on whether or not filming would ever resume, and rumours surfaced that Johnny Depp might replace Ledger or that Gilliam might use a form of CGI to complete Ledger's role.

Today we have a sure sign that PARNASSUS will eventually resume production as its official website has gone live. There's not much there now, just the film's title, the director's name, and the all-important and very telling 'coming soon' tag. Quick Stop Entertainment says that production will indeed continue, if anything to honour Ledger's final performance. They also mention something rather disturbing: that "shady parties" are trying to paint THE DARK KNIGHT as Ledger's final role. Whatever. I'm just glad that it looks like we'll be able to see Ledger's final performance sooner or later.

Extra Tidbit: Tom Waits was cast as the devil.
Source: Cinematical



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