Pathology trailer

After watching the trailer for the upcoming film PATHOLOGY, I was instantly reminded of the wonderful show DEXTER. Maybe it's because I just finished season one today (highly recommended) or maybe it's because they're both about forensics experts who are able to casually kill because they can easily dispose of the evidence.

More specifically, its about Ted Gray (HEROES' Milo Ventimiglia), a promising Harvard med student who joins an elite Pathology team, and is soon thrust into the group of these interns' deadly game, to see who can commit the perfect murder. Of course, Ted being our hero, ain't no killer, and it's up to him to stop these sick mofos before they take it too far. The film is by the dudes who brought us CRANK, and the trailer makes it look like a just-above average thriller, one that I can see sink into a bog of predictability in its third act if it's not careful, as so many of these thrillers tend to do. But given what an original film CRANK was, hopefully the filmmakers are too self-aware to let that happen. Expect twists in this one folks, and check the trailer out HERE. PATHOLOGY is out on November 30.

Extra Tidbit: On kind of that same DEXTER tip, PATHOLOGY's antagonist played by Michael Weston was so good in SIX FEET UNDER as David's tormenter. David of course, was played by DEXTER lead Michael C. Hall.



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