Patrick Stewart would consider reprising Professor X for a Deadpool movie

Just last week Patrick Stewart officially came out and said LOGAN would also be his final performance as the X-Men patriarch, Charles Xavier/Professor X. Though we knew this would be Hugh Jackman’s last run, fans were hoping they would still get to see Stewart's Xavier, and his wisdom, kindness, and shiny bald head again. But our dreams have been dashed, and we will never see Stewart’s Xavier again…however…

During a recent interview with MTV, the interviewer closed out the session by asking both Jackman and Stewart to confirm that this was indeed their last outing. Jackman gave a firm and practiced “yes” answer, but Stewart stopped for a suspenseful second, and then gave us this little ditty:

I would have said yes, but the discussion just now about DEADPOOL makes me think, well, maybe there is a proper justification for the revival of Charles Xavier.

You read that right. If Stewart means what I think he means then he’s saying he could, perhaps, possibly, maybe be talked into returning to the wheelchair for a DEADPOOL movie. Of course this is no confirmation he actually will, or has even been offered a place, but I just want you to take a moment and picture Stewart and Ryan Reynolds on-screen, in character, interacting with one another. Now, pick yourself up off the floor, and charge your computer because you’ve been unconscious for three hours.

This comes on the heels of Jackman himself saying he would’ve stayed in the character had he been offered a place in the MCU and given the opportunity to fight Hulk. However, that’s near impossible given the legal restraints, but Fox could easily put Stewart in a DEADPOOL movie if they saw fit given their ownership rights.

I can’t tell you all the ways seeing these two characters together is playing out in my head. How would a man like Xavier even handle a guy like Deadpool? Would we finally see Xavier lose his shit and curse someone out? Would Pool sit on his lap and treat him like Santa Claus? The possibilities are endless, even for a brief cameo! The world isn't always a happy place, but this...this would a magical moment that wipes clear all the mayhem and bullshit in this dreary world, if only for a moment.

LOGAN is in theaters RIGHT [email protected] NOW!

Source: MTV



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