Patrick Wilson raves about the Prometheus script

We may have to wait a while for any official PROMETHEUS material to come out, whether it's a trailer or a poster or what not, but until then we can salivate over how good Sir Ridley's return to sci-fi SOUNDS.

We've heard nothing but good things from the actors involved so far, but I think the most glowing praise probably comes recently from Patrick Wilson talking to MTV.

"It was an absolute thrill. I was blown away by [the script] and I don’t use that sort of phrase a lot, but I was blown away by it, so excited that I wanted to read it again. I just kept re-reading it, even though I knew what was coming. And put it this way, I’ve never done this, I've never finished the shooting on a movie, and then on the ride home read the script again. I had no reason to read it, it was not work-oriented, I just really loved it, it’s so cool."

Of course, no further plot details on threat of death, but Wilson continues.

"As you can imagine, [the film] is very wonderfully exiting, and yet so complicated and layered, which to me is what science fiction is all about, when it operates on many, many levels."

It really does seem rare I've heard this much positive press about something before nearly ANYTHING about it is released. Last time was maybe INCEPTION or AVATAR.

Extra Tidbit: I honestly don't even care if the Alien aliens show up, I just want a good sci-fi movie.
Source: MTV



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