Patty Jenkins not confirmed for Wonder Woman 2

So, like most people, I love, love, loved WONDER WOMAN. Not just as a DC movie, or as a female superhero movie, or hell even as simply a superhero movie - I thougt it was actually just a damn good movie, period. And that's due in no small part to director Patty Jenkins. It's her fearlessness in tackling her subject earnestly, without irony or detachment, and sticking to her guns and her heart (such as having to fight to keep the awesome "No Man's Land" scene in) that led to its success.

So, after the complete success of the film - both financially and critically - it seemed a slam dunk that Patty Jenkins would return to the sequel. That may still be the case, but sources at The Hollywood Reporter say that Jenkins was only contracted for one film, and that the studio wanted to wait to see how the film fared before officially granting her the job.

That trepidation may turn out to bite them in the ass, as Jenkins has way more negotiating power than she did before. This could allow her the ability to not only direct, but write the next film, as well as be involved hands-on with the rest of the DCEU. In fact, I wouldn't mind her usurping the role as the de-facto go-to director at Warner/DC (in the way the Russo Brothers are for the big event films at Marvel, and Whedon was for Phase 1), working directly with Geoff Johns the way they do with Kevin Feige. And with over $200 million worldwide in its first week (and still going strong, with its Tuesday earnings being more than it Monday earnings), as well as still enjoying a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes after over 250 critics have weighed in (making it one of the best-reviewed superhero films ever), Jenkins definitely has some serious fucking leverage. Hope she utilizes it (and the studios aren't stupid enough to balk at it).

So Schmoes, what would you like to see in a WONDER WOMAN sequel? Personally, I'd like to see how the DCEU handles Cheetah.

Meanwhile, you can see WONDER WOMAN now, go see it! You then next see Gal Gadot as the Amazon Warrior Princess in JUSTICE LEAGUE on November 17th.

Extra Tidbit: I wouldn't mind more period piece Wonder Woman films. Possibly one dealing with Vietnam? (I would say they should even have it implied she was in WWII, but that could either be in flashbacks or line of dialogue. I don't need to see a whole film of it). It'd also fit with her role in the '70s as a feminist icon in comics during that era.
Source: THR



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