Patty Jenkins on why she avoided an R-rated Wonder Woman

With movies like LOGAN benefiting from having adult-centric R-ratings, fans and industry insiders are wondering when more superhero movies will embrace the rating, including more mainstream heroes like Batman. But even though the perks are obvious (more realism, less limitations), directors like Patty Jenkins are just fine with sticking with the more marketable PG-13 rating, especially when it came to her new epic, WONDER WOMAN.

The director recently spoke with CinemaBlend about the topic of R-rated superhero movies and if she ever considered making her movie a bit more adult, especially considering the World War I scenario:

I cared a lot about it never being an R-rating. And I totally support the movies that do have an R-rating, but in this case I was very aware that little girls were going to want to see the film, and I was very protective of that. So it had to not be Rated R to me. I would have been happy to go for PG, but it's World War I, so we couldn't!

The curiosity is valid especially considering the last movie we saw the character in, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, came out with an R-rated Director’s Cut for its Blu-ray release, a version many believe to be superior to the PG-13 theatrical version. But reviews are not something Jenkins and DC have to worry about with WOMAN, as the movie currently stands at a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes with many likening it to the 1978 SUPERMAN with Christopher Reeve (read our own JimmyO’s glowing review here!).

Jenkins movie, though, looks more bright and playful than BVS’ dark, gritty style, making an R-rating for WOMAN much less likely to begin with. Ultimately the reason why Jenkins wanted to avoid such an adult tone is admirable and evidence of her love for the character. Wonder Woman has been a shining symbol for young girls for decades, and in an age when they need role models more than ever the movie needs to be able to appeal to them, as well as comic book fans. Even though we have some great R-rated comic book movies already, the style that comes with it clearly doesn't suit everything. However if any adult fans got some chills from seeing the “PG” part of the quote, at least take comfort in knowing the WWI action kicked the rating up a notch.

WONDER WOMAN with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine finally arrives this Friday!

Source: CinemaBlend



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