Paul Feig's Ghostbusters sequel would have seen the team go global

In a long list of movies that never stood a chance, Paul Feig's 2016 lady-centric GHOSTBUSTERS movie definitely hangs near the top of the charts. Sadly, before cameras even started rolling on the paranormal comedy reboot, internet trolls from all over the globe amassed for a campaign fraught with anger, misogyny, and outright harassment toward the production, with much of their directionless fury aimed at the film's high-profile cast. As it happens, the film did not fair well at the box office, and hopes for a sequel were unequivocally dashed as many fans of the franchise proclaimed that bustin' no longer made them feel good.

Now, because Hollywood loves beating dead horses, a recent interview with Paul Feig (courtesy of the Happy Sad Confused podcast) has surfaced in which Feig talks about the would-have-been plans for a GHOSTBUSTERS sequel. While speaking with the podcast crew, Feig revealed that the follow-up film would have seen the ladies going global in their efforts to combat things that go bump in the night and beyond.

“I definitely wanted us to go to another country,” said Feig. “Because when we were doing the press tour, the international press tour, every country the reporters would come with these drawings or artist renderings of that country’s ghosts. And every country has these really wild ghost stories and ghost characters that they scare kids with or keep people in line with. I really loved the idea of the Ghostbusters going to, like, Asia.”

While the likelihood of Sony Pictures developing a feature-length sequel is not so good, it's being said that the studio has hopes of continuing the GHOSTBUSTERS brand by other means, be it an animated film, spin-off endeavors, or even a television series.

Personally, I think a television series would work best for the franchise. You could build it as a SUPERNATURAL meets GHOSTBUSTERS platform, and perhaps even get a streaming service like Netflix involved. The show could be centered around the four paranormal investigators branching out, while looking to set up shop in different parts of the world. It could work, so long as the GHOSTBUSTERS named hasn't been too tarnished by the under-performance of Feig's theatrical effort.



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