Paul Feig to direct female James Bond comedy Susan Cooper

Paul Feig, champion of women in film is working on something else for the ladies.

After being inspired by the reintroduction of James Bond with Daniel Craig in 2006s CASINO ROYALE, Feig decided to write a Bond inspired female comedy called SUSAN COOPER. While I did mention that it was a comedy, it will not be a parody like JOHNNY ENGLISH. Instead it will hold more of a basis in reality. It will also be a two-hander similar to THE HEAT.

Currently Feig is looking for his female lead.

I'm all about anything Feig wants to do. It's great that he sees women as a true comedic force when it's often questioned these days if the fairer sex can be funny. I think that he proves this rather triumphantly with a comedy like BRIDESMAIDS.

On another note, I completely forgot that Feig was Mr. Pool on SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH back in the 90s.

Source: The Wrap



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