Paul Feig's Ghostbusters almost had another loud Melissa McCarthy character

There's bound to be plenty off GHOSTBUSTERS hatred coming this way simply because I have chosen to write about something pertaining to the film. But I'm going to plow right through it and give a bit of credit to Paul Feig for one of the decisions he wound up making with his casting.

There's been a lot of criticism about Melissa McCarthy being in the movie period by people for whom Melissa McCarthy's comedy doesn't quite do it, and then, of course, there's been this slam against the film based on the first trailer regarding Leslie Jones' character for being too stereotypical and also for not appearing to be a scientist like the other women. But Feig has revealed to Empire that not all of that was originally planned. In fact, there was a very different idea at the outset for who McCarthy should be playing, and it was changed... and then, once Leslie Jones was decided upon, she was given a role that plays to what she has already displayed as her strengths.

When Katie [Dippold] and I wrote the script, we had written the role with Melissa in mind, but then I thought I’ve seen Melissa play a brash, larger than life character. She’s done it in my movies before!

I don’t normally like comedy that’s big and loud, but she [Leslie Jones] is able to pull that off in a way that feels real and it’s her. And when I make a movie, I want to find the funniest people I know and once I know what’s the funniest thing about them I want that to be the thing that I put on screen and let shine. This is the role that Leslie can shine comedically in. If you’ve ever seen her do stand-up, it’s just who she is. I wanted to unleash Leslie on the public in the same way we unleashed Melissa on the public in Bridesmaids, with a very showy role.

Look... Had you gotten Melissa McCarthy in that type of role again, the amount of bitching probably would have surpassed the point where we're at now, so it's safe to say Feig's decision helped mitigate it some. As for Jones' role, she has already responded to the problems people seem to be projecting onto a role she had no problem playing. 

So, think about it for a minute... For all the complaints being lobbed at this movie none of us have actually seen yet, on paper it could have been a lot worse. Gotta give some credit for not taking us down that path. Come on... How about a little positivity?

GHOSTBUSTERS gets called into theaters on July 15.

Source: Empire



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