Paul Greengrass to direct film about Norwegian terrorist attack for Netflix

Aside from helming the most successful of the BOURNE movies, Paul Greengrass is known for directing movies about troubling, real-life scenarios – such as BLOODY SUNDAY, UNITED 93 and CAPTAIN PHILLIPS. Clearly, these troubled waters are where Greengrass feels most at home, as his next project will tackle one of the deadliest terrorist attacks of the 21st century. And, no, it will not star Matt Damon.

Deadline got an exclusive that Greengrass has written and will direct a film that focuses on the 2011 terrorist attack in which a Norwegian man, Anders Behring Breivik, killed 77 people in what was Norway’s deadliest attack since WWII. Netflix bought the film in a heavy bidding war, and though Greengrass was set to direct the film NESS (about famous lawman Elliot Ness), he has slated this film to be his next project. The film will begin filming this fall in Norway, and Greengrass plans to use local actors to flesh out his cast.

A self-described right-wing Christian extremist who despised Muslims, Breivik wrote a 1500 page manifesto against liberalism and Muslim immigration. This was all before executing his deadly attack by blowing up a building outside the prime minister's headquarters with a van bomb, and then dressing up as a police officer and heading to the island of Utøya and killing 69 participants of the Worker’s Youth League summer camp. He was sentenced to prison for 21 years, as Norway does not carry the death penalty.

Greengrass isn’t always a hit, with movies like GREEN ZONE and JASON BOURNE offering little else but some solid action scenes, but more often than not Greengrass delivers expertly crafted thrills contained in gripping and powerful stories. This new drama fits right in that wheelhouse, and though the lack of notable actors or a theater release will diminish its impact on the release schedule, this film will certainly be one to keep an eye out for. That being said, I would like to Greengrass perhaps take on a buddy comedy after this. Maybe one at a wedding, or a bachelor party. I wouldn’t even scoff at one where animals are the stars. Just something light, you know?

Expect Netflix to debut the film sometime in 2018.

Source: Deadline



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