Paul McCartney's children's book is being developed as an animated movie

Did you know Paul McCartney wrote a children's book back in 2005? I didn't, but I don't have kids so things like that kind of slip by me. The book is called High in the Clouds, and Variety has learned an animated version is in the works. Tony Bancroft (MULAN) is directing the film and it will feature new songs composed by McCartney.

Plot synopsis from Amazon:

Forced to leave his woodland home, destroyed by the expansion plans of the evil Gretsch, Wirral the squirrel vows to find the fabled land of Animalia, where all the animals are said to live in freedom and without fear. Aided and abetted by Froggo the hot-air-ballooning frog, Wilhamina the plucky red squirrel, and Ratsy the streetwise rodent, Wirral's personal quest turns into a full-blown plan to save enslaved animals Everywhere -- a plan that is fraught with danger.

High in the Clouds has been described as an "anti-capitalist children's book" and it's not surprising a book by the former Beatle is about preserving nature and protecting animals. I'm sure the message in the book is a bit heavy handed and it'll be the same in the movie, but if I had a kid I'd rather have them watch something like this then say the One Direction movie. Gross.

HIGH IN THE CLOUDS will be released in 3D sometime in 2015.

Extra Tidbit: I'm excited for new Paul McCartney songs. If you haven't, check out "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard." Very good stuff.
Source: Variety



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