Paul Rudd and the rest of the cast crowd the latest Ant-Man poster

Phase 2 of Marvel's cinematic entries is coming to a close in 2 months' time, and while the rest of the films have been sequels of some sort, there have only been 2 movies this phase based solely around new characters. The first, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, was met with a resounding success. The second is a bit of a wait and see, although now we have a new poster with more characters than you can throw a Hulkbuster at!

The unfortunate shadow looming over this film will be the "What if?" regarding Edgar Wright's departure. It's easy to point a finger and say who could have done better when we'll never see thier end product. Much like the trailers, this poster doesn't do much to inspire me that Marvel has something different on their hands with ANT-MAN. Given the total chaos and carnage brought forth in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, I'm hoping that ANT-MAN goes down like a lite dessert; more comedy and less wham bam. Maybe that's just me, but hopefully Peyton Reed and Co. have a nice, little surprise for us come July. The film will actually premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival where our own Chris Bumbray will be in attendance, so we'll be sure to let ya know how the movie fares as soon as it screens!

ANT-MAN opens in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Marvel Studios



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