UPDATED: Paul Rudd is Ant-Man!

UPDATED: Didn't I tell you we'd be back here? Well, it's official! Marvel.com has confirmed that Paul Rudd will indeed play ANT-MAN in Edgar Wright's adaptation. Here's what Kevin Feige had to say on the casting:

“When Edgar Wright came to us with the idea of Paul Rudd, we felt a huge sense of relief because the first step in creating any Marvel Studios film is finding the right star," said Marvel's Kevin Feige. "We knew early on that we had found the right person in Paul. When he not only agreed to do it but became as enthusiastic as any actor we’d ever met with about doing the work, we knew we’d found the right guy. We couldn’t be more excited for our audiences to see what he’s going to do to bring Ant-Man to life.”

Can I just say how super excited I am that Paul Rudd is getting closer to taking on the role of ANT-MAN? Okay, let me get to the facts first instead of fangirling all over the place.

It's not official but sources are telling Variety that Paul Rudd is in early negotiations to play Hank Pym/Ant-Man in Edgar Wright's take on the comic hero. Now this kind of sucks because we're probably going to hear in a day or so that he's locked the role down. JUST TELL US HE GOT IT. It was down to Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt but he's got that whole SANDMAN thing now.

Wright co-wrote the script with the always awesome Joe Cornish. As you would expect, Marvel has no comment on the casting of Rudd.

Here's what we have on the story of ANT-MAN so far:

The character’s alter-ego is Henry Pym, a brilliant scientist who invented a substance that allowed him to change his size and communicate with insects. One scenario that was rumored when Wright first came on is that he would focus on the later years of Ant-Man and add the character Scott Lang, a crook who steals Pym’s technology and becomes the new Ant-Man. This may hint at the idea that both Rudd and Gordon Levitt could potentially become involved in the film, although the idea seems unlikely.

Yeah, I'm thinking that the whole Rudd/Gordon-Levitt thing is very unlikely.

So you guys liking this casting? Would you have liked someone else? Simon Pegg? Gordon-Levitt? Nathan Fillion? Yeah, yeah, I'm joking. I had to do it. He knows he's up for like every superhero role ever.

Source: The WrapMarvel



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