Paul Thomas Anderson & Daniel Day-Lewis to officially reunite for a new film

Paul Thomas Anderson Daniel Day-Lewis

The last time Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis collaborated on a film together we got THERE WILL BE BLOOD, which I easily place among my favourite movies of all time. Several months ago a tantalizing rumour emerged that the talented pair were set to reunite for a new as-yet-untitled film, and now, Deadline has confirmed it.

After a lengthy bidding war, Universal Pictures and Focus Features have snagged the world-wide rights to a new film which Paul Thomas Anderson will write and direct and Daniel Day-Lewis will star in. Hell yes. We don't know much more about the mystery project than we did three months ago, but it's said that the film will revolve around the 1950's fashion world in London. Focus Features will be footing the bill for the projects $35 million budget and the plan, at the moment, is to kick off production early next year for a late 2017 release.

Neither Anderson nor Day-Lewis are the types to rush into a movie, which makes any project they decide to take on a special event, but having them reuniting once again will be quite the treat.

Source: Deadline



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