Paul Thomas Anderson shared a screening of The Master with Tom Cruise

Paul Thomas Anderson knew that he might be hitting a very sensitive subject matter with his latest film, THE MASTER.

Sensitive in the sense that it may affect one of his friends, Tom Cruise. Anderson formed a friendship with the actor when he directed him in MAGNOLIA.THE MASTER is loosely based on the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Cruise has no shame in speaking about his religion and beliefs. When it first came out that Anderson would be doing a film like this, many wondered what Cruise would think.

As of now all we have is a teaser which really gives us no further insight to the plot. There is also no word on whether the film sheds a positive or negative light on Scientology. So being a good friend and trying to avoid any conflict, Anderson decided to screen the film for Cruise.

What did he think? All sources will say is that he had a "few issues" with certain parts of the film. The plot is about, "a charismatic leader Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) – referred to as The Master – who creates a cult-like movement called The Cause. The similarities to Hubbard include the post-World War II time frame and Dodd’s taking a trip on a boat during which he arrives at a new philosophy and creates a faith-based movement. Joaquin Phoenix plays a troubled drifter seeking a path who becomes Dodd’s right-hand man."

The Weinstein Company are also wanting to show the film to John Travolta. The studio is debating on how they should approach similarities with Scientology. Will they acknowledge them openly or keep some distance on the subject? The reaction of Scientology followers like Cruise and Travolta will help make that decision.

Source: The Wrap



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