Paul Verhoeven's back, baby! New trailer for his upcoming thriller Elle

Paul Verhoeven, the great director of such classics as ROBOCOP and TOTAL RECALL (and some duds, like HOLLOW MAN and SHOWGIRLS), has a new film coming out called ELLE that might be one of most fucked up to date (and knowing Verhoeven, that's saying a lot). Here's a new trailer and poster:

Damn! This looks intense! Though that really shouldn't be surprising, considering it's from rank provocateur Paul Verhoeven (who, like Matthew McConaughey, I always have to copy-and-paste his name instead of attempted to type it out). What is a bit surprising is how down-to-earth it looks, in comparison to the more gonzo and camp visual style he usually employs in his films. No sign of gallons of blood anywhere!

But, honestly, that makes it much more visceral. It doesn't hide its dark heart behind pulp imagery like BASIC INSTINCT or SHOWGIRLS, which seems like a new, mature step for Verhoeven. This is something I'll definitely keep my eyes on.

ELLE, starring Isabelle Huppert and directed by Paul Verhoeven comes out in limited theatrical release November 11th, 2016.

Favorite Verhoeven movie?

Extra Tidbit: Paul Verhoeven stopped reading the Richard Heinlein book STARSHIP TROOPERS after a few chapters and hated it, deciding to parody it in his big-budget film adaptation.



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