Paul W.S. Anderson the next to do a found footage project

Paul W.S. Anderson has teamed up with Jeremy Bolt and Entertainment One to work on a new tv show called "The Reel".

The one-hour psychological thriller will be shot in the style of popular found footage films like THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and feature a young documentarian [who] searches for evidence of the supernatural. His first case concerns the mysterious last days of two teenagers and a serial killer, known as the Mirror Mask Killer, who uses various forms of psychological torment to exact bloody vengeance on its victims. "The Reel" combines supernatural shocks in a case-per-week format that leads viewers through a season long mystery.

The thing that makes me laugh- how the hell could they keep interest if they're just looking at newly found footage every week? And just how many people out there are recording their demise?

Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt will executive produce, as they have for tons of other films like EVENT HORIZON and the upcoming RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, which might be the fourth or the fifth in the series (I lost track and couldn't care to look it up.)

"When we read Adam's script we were genuinely disturbed by the story and fascinated by the idea of a found footage TV show," said Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt, apparently speaking at the same time like those creepy twins from THE SHINING. "We are very grateful to the innovative eOne team for turning the idea into a reality."



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