Payne gets R, pissed

Most action-type movies view an R-rating as something of a Badge of Honor. "Look fanboys! We're gritty enough to earn an R-rating! Nevermind that our movie is a pile of shit - we've got gratuitous gore!" So it strikes me a little odd that John Moore, director of Fox's upcoming video game adaptation MAX PAYNE, is upset that his movie got an R-rating. He accuses the MPAA of "sucking Warner Bros. c*ck" (ahem) and changing "their rules willy-nilly." He says that there's a double standard because of the leeway given to THE DARK KNIGHT while MAX PAYNE seems to be having lots of problems. "They're coming down on us pretty hard," says Moore. Moore, who calls the MPAA an "extremely dubious organization," is likely hamstrung by a contractual obligation to turn in a PG-13 cut, hence his beef. "I didn’t go into this wanting it to be necessarily a hard R," which seems pretty obvious given his level of anger of getting a hard R. Or maybe Moore actually has confidence in his film and doesn't need to get an R-rating as a shitty marketing ploy? Das Gamer has the whole interview with Moore which you should read through. MAX PAYNE hits theaters this October.

Extra Tidbit: Moore was the runner-up to replace Bryan Singer on X-MEN 3 but lost the gig at the last second to Brett Ratner.
Source: Das Gamer



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