Penn on Dozen remake

Dirty Dozen Good news, everybody! There's another remake coming! You were probably a little scared that remakes were on the decline in Hollywood considering we haven't reported on one in about three days but that couldn't be further from the truth. Fasten your strap-ons, boys and girls, because a DIRTY DOZEN remake is on the way! That's not exactly the big news, however, since a DIRTY DOZEN remake was announced a while back. The news is that its chirographic fate is now in the hands of go-to comic book adapter Zak Penn. That's right, the X-MEN: THE LAST STAND and FANTASTIC FOUR scribe has been contracted by Warner Bros. and uber-producer Joel Silver to rewrite the remake of the classic 1967 war dramedy. The moral of the story? The next time you find yourself doubting whether a stalled remake won't make it to the screen, have faith, there's always someone willing to throw a whole mountain of cash at someone else to make it happen.

Extra Tidbit: The original 1967 film was nominated for four Oscars.
Source: Variety



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