Perlman and Cage

Producer Charles Roven has revealed that Ron Perlman will apparently be co-starring in SEASON OF THE WITCH for director Dominic Sena (GONE IN 60 SECONDS) and starring Nicolas Cage. The film chronicles the journey of 14th century knights transporting a girl suspected of being the witch responsible for spreading the Black Plague.

How good will this film be? Only time, and I stress that, will tell. I'm pretty sure you could get every psychic on the planet into a room and when you asked them if they could tell you whether Nic Cage's next movie would be good or bad, they'd either shrug their shoulders en masse, or shake a magic eight ball.

Also, a friend of mine ran into Charles Roven in Tokyo over the Summer and apprently Roven told him that this tiny little bar called 'La Jetee' (like the Chris Marker film, I believe) is where Tarantino and all the cool Hollywood people go when they're in Japan. So if you're over there, you'll probably want to check it out in case Mary Elizabeth Winstead is there and you can score her number for me. I mean, you might meet someone really cool too, but I'm just saying that's the goal and let's keep our eyes on the prize, people.
Extra Tidbit: Unrelated, but there is apparently also 'no momentum' on the FLASH movie.
Source: ComingSoon



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