Pete Davidson gushes over Good Time & Robert Pattinson on The Tonight Show

Normally when stars go on a TV show like THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON they’re there to promote something of their own, like a movie, show or some sort of skincare line. But that’s not SNL alum Pete Davidson’s style. No, he went on to talk with Fallon about stuff he's up to, but instead spent a good chunk of time gleefully talking about Robert Pattinson’s (who was also there) recent indie darling GOOD TIME. Davidson not only gushed like a school girl about the movie but also brought a clip for it AND wore a t-shirt with Pattinson and co-star/co-director Benny Safdie's faces on it. The dude REALLY loves this movie.

In an overall hilarious, bonkers interview, Fallon tries to steer the conversation towards Davidson’s recent engagement to pop princess Ariana Grande, as well as his small appearance in the Netflix hit, SET IT UP. Davidson didn't seem as interested in that stuff, and even had some thoughts about the recent news coverage of his relationship, asking, “Why do people care?” All Davidson wants to do it plug someone else’s movie, and even called Pattinson “one of the greatest actors of our generation.” Don’t worry, Pattinson’s TWILIGHT mania prepared him for this sort of stuff, and he took it all in stride.

But, truly, Davidson is right. You all need to check out GOOD TIME if you haven’t already. Pattinson does give the best performance of his career so far, and probably should’ve gotten an Oscar nomination. In fact, MORE people should be promoting it on their talk show visits.

You can catch Davidson in SET IT UP on Netflix, Pattinson in DAMSEL on June 22, and GOOD TIME anywhere because it’s been out on digital and Blu-ray for some time. 



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