Peter Berg changes his mind on directing Mark Wahlberg in American Desperado

When Peter Berg got involved with the adaptation of AMERICAN DESPERADO, he was only going to serve as producer. Now he has joined on as director of the true story.

Mark Wahlberg is still set to star as Jon Roberts, who's criminal exploits made him a fortune smuggling cocaine into the U.S. for the Medellin Cartel. Roberts (COCAINE COWBOYS)co-wrote the book alongside Wright who is responsible for the source material to HBO's GENERATION KILL. The two spent three years talking about Roberts compelling past from gun running for the CIA to his adventures in smuggling cocaine and cash for the cartel. When the book was released, Random House said this of their conversations: “As Wright’s tape recorder whirred and Roberts unburdened himself of hundreds of jaw-dropping tales, it became clear that perhaps no one in history had broken so many laws with such willful abandon."

The story is definitely worthwhile. Roberts attracted the attention of stars, leaders of the Republican party and on top of it all helped the CIA with their secret agenda. All this while trying to keep his son away from following down his path. Berg seems to be a good fit for the material and it should be a nice transition from LONE SURVIVOR another adaptation starring Wahlberg.

The aim is to start production early next year, but that's only if William Monahan (THE DEPARTED) gets his script in soon enough.

Source: Deadline



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