Peter effin' Pan 2?

As a kid, I used to adore PETER PAN. Then, a few years into my teens, the great Steven Spielberg made something called HOOK, which just didn't work. Then, this freaky dude hit the Internet and scared me quite some. But ultimately it was the Michael Jackson freakshow that completely took away all of those cool nostalgic feelings that I harbored for PAN, as he went out of his way to assume the post of an "adult Peter Pan", which in itself, went against the whole point of PAN, no? Which leads me right into yet another lame sequel idea, this time not initiated by those clowns at Disney, but by some British folk who apparently believe this to be a good idea. Anyway, the flick will be called PETER PAN IN SCARLET, the title of the officially sanctioned sequel to J.M. Barrie's classic book, written by someone named Geraldine McCaughrean. You can read more about this news HERE, or to purchase the book yourself, or read about its story, CLICK HERE. All in all, yet another letdown in the world of movies.

Extra Tidbit: Martin Scorsese directed Michael Jackson's music video "Bad".
Source: Yahoo Movies



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