Peter Jackson gives an update on The Hobbit in a new video production diary

It's still a long way until December 2012 when THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY wanders into theaters, but filmmaker Peter Jackson is keeping us updated in the meantime with various pics, news and video diaries.

The production is on scheduled hiatus for a few weeks, and the latest video checks in with the cast and crew to see how they'll be spending their breaks.

Meanwhile, no rest for Jackson as he takes off with his fleet of helicopters to find new locations for the various Middle Earth mountains and rivers. (While it's difficult to believe Jackson initially wasn't going to direct these movies himself, seeing some of the tireless work makes it easier to understand how he'd say "I'm not doing that again!" after the LOTR trilogy...)

At any rate, you can see the latest production diary (complete with ever-so-brief glimpses of the sets and footage) right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Hard to resist humming "Ride of the Valkyries" during that location scout...



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