Peter Jackson posts first Mortal Engines concept art

Peter Jackson is returning to the land of movies with the new flick MORTAL ENGINES based on the book of the same. The four-story series take place in a world where cities survive on wheels that travel on tracks and devour other cities to gain resources. If that seems difficult to picture then don’t waste your time straining that pretty brain and take a look at the first piece of concept art from Mr. Jackson himself.

Here it is!

Jackson, who’s producing the movie with Christian Rivers directing, posted the pic on his Facebook page, and based on the image we can see they’re sticking pretty close with the imagery from the book (header). The concept art of course looks much more cinematic, and the roving city looks massive in structure. No doubt this movie will have a hefty price tag, and my fish-lord does it look pretty.

The movie is currently slated for a December 2018 release and if successful will result in the other three books in the series being produced. With no STAR WARS movie to compete with that season the prospects of the movie succeeding are that much better, meaning we could easily have a new franchise on our hands.

The book is not something I’m familiar with, but the concept sounds extraordinary. Giant roving cities devouring each other for survival sounds spectacular, even if it ends up being another “hot young people during the apocalypse” scenario. Jackson’s involvement gives me hope the movie will be as epic in scale as the idea sounds, and as you know I’m all about my epics.

MORTAL ENGINES is set for December 14, 2018 with Hera Hilmar, Robert Sheehan, Hugo Weaving and Stephen Lang.

Source: Facebook



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