Peter Stormare clashes with Keanu Reeves in Swedish Dicks trailer

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Although he rarely gets the opportunity to take on leading roles, Peter Stormare is always a highlight of whatever he appears in, which immediately places Swedish Dicks, a TV series in which he stars as a former stuntman turned private investigator, on my list of must-watch television. The series follows Ingmar Andersson (Stormare) as he begins a new career in Los Angeles as a private dick. He soon encounters struggling DJ Axel Kruse (Johan Glans) who decides to join Ingmar and become a partner of his detective firm. Throw in an appearance by Keanu Reeves (JOHN WICK) and you've got a recipe for something fun and potentially hilarious.

"Are you the dicks?"

I'd love to imagine that the series takes place in the JOHN WICK universe, but sadly that's not the case; Keanu Reeves plays Tex Johnson, a former stunt buddy of Ingmar’s. The series actually debuted last year on the Swedish online streaming service Viaplay, but will soon be making itself known in America on August 2, 2017 on Pop. As the Swedish Dicks solve some of the strangest and wildest cases L.A., they will also compete with Ingmar's long-time rival and owner of the best investigating company in Los Angeles, Jane McKinney (Traci Lords). Axel is also diving into Ingmar's past and hopes to discover the circumstances of his retirement from stunt performing.

What do you folks think of Swedish Dicks? Worth a watch?

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