Phantom Menace review guy takes on Indy and the Crystal Skull

One of my favorite video discoveries of the past few years has been Red Letter Media's lengthy review series of the entire new Star Wars trilogy.

His serial killer gimmick is so-so, and his voice is strange at first, but in his hour and a half long reviews, he has some of the best insights I've ever heard into why exactly the new trilogy was so poor, and how George Lucas has lost his way.

Now he's back with another Lucas-aided tragedy, INDIANA JONES AND THE CRYSTAL SKULL. Even though I didn't mind the film as much as most did, it's a pretty funny breakdown and worth watching if you have the time.

Unfortunately, due to internet black magic, I can't seem to embed it here, so click the video to head over to Red Letter for the two part review.

Extra Tidbit: Strange to say goodbye in an extra tidbit, but this will actually be my last news post on JoBlo.com. It's been a fun couple of years and I've enjoyed reporting, speculating and arguing with the lot of you. Google me if you'd like to keep reading my stuff elsewhere, but always remain a JoBlo loyalist. It's a fantastic fan site in an industry being taken over by corporate interests, and it's been an honor to write here, as I'd been a fan of the site years before I got hired. May the force be with you and all that.



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