Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC about The Flash. Again.

For such a speedy superhero, THE FLASH's dash to a solo feature has been amazingly slow and arduous. First the film was set up with Seth Grahame-Smith as the director, with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (CLONE HIGH, former directors of HAN SOLO) writing up a treatment. Then when Graham-Smith left, there was a page one rewrite with DOPE director Rick Famuyiwa at the helm. Now, eight months later, there is STILL no FLASH director (I mean, AQUAMAN of all people is having an easier time swimming to screen). Robert Zemeckis is currently the frontrunner (as far as we know), though who knows how reliable/true that is.

However, multiple individual sources told The Wrap:

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC Films during the production hiatus of the Star Wars “Han Solo” spinoff...The duo met about the possibility of directing “The Flash” after Rick Famuyiwa left the project over creative differences last year, according to multiple individuals familiar with the project. It was unclear whether they were already considering an exit from the “Han Solo” project.

Which honestly sounds amazing. I mean, when Patty Jenkins jumped from Disney to DC we got WONDER WOMAN, so anything's possible. And since they've already written up a treatment, they know the world (even if it's a page one re-write, I imagine that draft would still have elements of their earlier one). Not only that, I feel he fits their personality better than STAR WARS, which always seemed a somewhat odd fit (especially if their more goofy characterization of Han Solo was indeed the main sticking point). Also, I just love these guys' work, and I'm glad to see good directors take on the DC characters I also love. Just, doubling up that love.

Meanwhile, THE FLASH will get here at some point I suppose. Here's hoping.

Extra Tidbit: So, the TV show. Is it worth watching?
Source: The Wrap



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