Phil Lord & Chris Miller promise "unique" animated Spider-Man movie

Not much is known about Sony and director Bob Persichetti's animated SPIDER-MAN flick, but the rumor is Miles Morales may be the focus of the movie instead of Peter Parker.

Although producers/writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller didn't reveal which version of the web-slinger will be featured in the project during their conversation with IGN, the duo (who are out promoting their new FOX series Son of Zorn) did promise that it is going to be pretty different compared to the live-action films.

Miller said the pic is "not going to feel like every other Spider-Man movie you've seen," while also adding that "it will stand on its own as a unique filmgoing experience." Lord praised the crew working on the project before going on to say the that film "is unique" and that "people will love it." I honestly don't care if they go with Parker or Morales, however I am extremely excited that an animated big screen Spidey feature is in the works.

The currently untitled SPIDER-MAN movie is slated to be released on December 21, 2018.

Source: IGN



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