Philip Seymour Hoffman is A Most Wanted Man

See what I did there? Because he's a good actor and so a lot of people want to cast him, and then he has been cast in a movie called A MOST WANTED MAN? Yeah...

Philip Seymour HoffmanIt was over six months ago when we reported that the next movie from Anton Corbijn (THE AMERICAN) would be an adaptation of the 2008 novel by John Le Carré (TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY). Not much was known at the time beyond the screenwriter (Andrew Bovell) and producer (Simon Channing-Williams), but today word comes that Philip Seymour Hoffman (THE IDES OF MARCH, DOUBT) has signed on to play the titular wanted man, “a near-dead half Chechen, half Russian man on the run in the [Hamburg’s] Islamic community desperate for help and looking to recover his late Russian father’s ill-gotten fortune."  And then, as you might have hoped and/or feared and/or expected, "a young female lawyer and private British banker become entwined in his fate and all the while, they are being watched by a covert German spy unit.”

Corbijn hopes to shoot the movie this September in Hamburg, so look for some more casting in the coming months.  I for one rather enjoyed THE AMERICAN, both in terms of its beauty and its nigh-on meditative nature, though I can understand why people were disappointed in it as the movie was marketed as something altogether different.   Hoffman can be next seen in Paul Thomas Anderson's THE MASTER as a charismatic man disillusioned by the horrors of WWII who more or less creates a religion that begins to take hold in America.

And here's Violante Placido, Clooney's co-star in THE AMERICAN:

   Violante Placido smiling

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of Le Carre, who would be your favorite non-Bond spy?
Source: Variety



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