Philip Seymour Hoffman is Mr. Crumpaker?

While JACK GOES BOATING at Sundance, Philip Seymour Hoffman wants to get in another role, one with a funny name, Mr. Crumpaker.

During the festival, Hoffman announced plans to make MR. CRUMPAKER AND THE MAN FROM THE LETTER. The comedy is from writer and director Kazuo Ohno. Hoffman starred in several scenes already shot at the film festival by Ohno for Sundance Filmmakers Lab. The actor hopes to get financial backing off the strength of the scenes. The project was bought by Seymour's production company, Cooper's Town that he runs with Emily Ziff.

Ohno says Hoffman is perfect for the role of CRUMPAKER, which is about an overbearing boss who decides to go in search of the meaning of life, even though he lacks any capacity of introspection.

Cooper's Town is also trying to get financing for another film, THE WELL. Tim Guinee will write and helm this film in his feature directorial debut. The details of the storyline are being held under wraps, but it's said that WELL centers on a well-to-do Manhattan couple who lead themselves to destruction in a pursuit to find salvation. Guy Pearce and Mary-Louise Parker star in the psychological thriller. Guy Pearce you say? Sign me up.

Extra Tidbit: On IMDB, Ohno is listed as cinematographer for a movie called, BUTT FIGHTERS. Seriously, BUTT FIGHTERS. Yes, I'm a tad immature.
Source: Variety



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