Phillips has Hangover

Todd Phillips (OLD SCHOOL) has signed to direct teh comedy HANGOVER for Warner Bros. The studio ponied up $2 million for the rights to the script that was written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Phillips has a deal at WB but this was the first project brought in under that agreement. The studio is hoping to get moving quickly on HANGOVER and is moving ahead as a "pre-strike" project. The film follows the events after a Las Vegas bachelor party where the groomsmen wake up and can't find the groom-to-be anywhere. They must fight off their hangovers to retrace their steps and track the man down. The HANGOVER deal could mean that Phillips' other planned projects, MAN WITCH with Jack Black and MEN, could be put on the backburner. Phillips has been relatively quiet in Hollywood since exploding on the scene with ROAD TRIP and OLD SCHOOL. He only directed two movies since OLD SCHOOL; STARSKY & HUTCH and SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS, the latter of which wasn't very funny at all. Phillips famously quit BORAT after frequent arguments with Sacha Baron Cohen about the direction of the film.

Extra Tidbit: Despire leaving BORAT as director, Phillips was still nominated for an Academy Award (along with Cohen) for his work on the script.
Source: Variety



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