Photo Round-up for Super, Passion Play, and What's Wrong with Virginia?

It seems to be a nice day for stills.

Earlier today, I tossed you a new photo from the Coen's version of TRUE GRIT.

Now I've found a a batch of new stills from three other upcoming films: SUPER, WHAT'S WRONG WITH VIRGINIA?, and PASSION PLAY. I won't waste your time describing the photos, as they aren't really in need of explaining. I will note that I do quite enjoy the look of disapproval on Rainn Wilson's masked face.

I think that an official synopsis is needed for a film that might have flown under the radar for you, WHAT'S WRONG WITH VIRGINIA?, "Written and directed by Academy Award-winner Dustin Lance Black (“Milk”), “What’s Wrong With Virginia” stars Academy Award-winner Jennifer Connelly as Virginia, a charming, yet mentally ill mother whose greatest love is her protector and illegitimate son, Emmett (Harrison Gilbertson). But her longest love belongs to the local-married-Mormon Sheriff, Richard Tipton (Ed Harris), who is running for public office and might very well be Emmett’s father. This boardwalk town’s well-kept secrets are threatened when Virginia’s son begins a romantic relationship with Tipton’s daughter (Emma Roberts). “What’s Wrong With Virginia” is a humorous, heartfelt drama that pokes at the American dream as it charges toward a climactic shoot out that begs the question: can a woman like Virginia ever play the part of mom?"

Even after Mickey Rourke doted on Megan Fox as being "probably the best actress" he's ever worked with I'm interested in seeing how PASSION PLAY goes. He's a trumpet player and she's an angel, that's worthy of a little attention, right?

Check out the pics below.




Extra Tidbit: Anyone here a fan of another film directed by James Gunn, SLITHER? I never hear anyone talking about it. I thought it was a fun movie.



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