Pierce Brosnan and son Sean are Bonded (this has nothing to do with James Bond)

Huh. I watched and loved the HBO mini-series "Generation Kill" (David Simon 4 evah!) but I guess it just never occurred to me that Sean Brosnan - who played Corporal Daniel Redman - was related to former 007 Pierce Brosnan. Go figure.

Well according to TheWrap, Pierce and his son Sean will be teaming up together for writer/director and relative newcomer Mo Ramchandani's thriller BONDED, based on events involving illegal labor and immigration that occurred in Los Angeles back in the mid-90s.

Per TheWrap: The "Oliver Twist"-esque story follows a Mexican teenager named Jesus who, after the death of his mother, is sold by his father and smuggled into America, where he's forced to work as a bonded slave laborer in a Los Angeles sweatshop. While imprisoned there, he befriends a young woman named Elena. But when she is claimed by a sex trafficker, Jesus must make a daring escape in order to rescue her.

Director Ramchandani says that both Brosnans will be playing cops in the film and that he is still in the process of casting the main lead. Wait... Pierce Brosnan as a Los Angeles cop? That should be interesting.

BONDED is expected to begin production this September.
Extra Tidbit: Sean played the cabin boy in his dad's film ROBINSON CRUSOE.
Source: TheWrap



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