Pirates 3 postponed?

We don't normally run "rumors", but we've been getting a lot of emails from fans of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN flicks, asking why there has been so little information out there about the next installment, AT WORLD'S END, despite the fact that we're only about 2 1/2 months from its release (May 25th). There is no official website yet, no teaser or trailer of any kind (remember last year when Disney released its awe-inspiring teaser for DEAD MAN'S CHEST during the Superbowl-- and that film was released in July, as opposed to May for this installment), almost no pictures that we can publish without receiving a "cease and desist" decree from the Man behind the Mouse, no posters, and now rumblings that things are going slower than anticipated in the editing room and that the film may not make its official May 25th release date? Heck, Disney is still mum about whether or not Rolling Stone Keith Richards is even making an appearance in the film (which I could seriously care less about myself)!

I personally highly doubt that the film will get postponed, as studios claim their release spots like they were gold-mines, and hopefully Disney will start spraying the love for the film over the next few weeks, but in a year where films like WILD HOGS, STOMP THE YARD and NORBIT are the "big hits" so far, I've temporarily given up on making predictions. By the way, the film is officially called AT WORLD'S END, right? Right? So secretive, them buggers...

Extra Tidbit: Johnny Depp is a great looking man.
Source: JoBlo.com



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