Pirates 5 assembles a lofty director wish list

Seeing as this is my job, I feel compelled to see at least every major "blockbuster" of the summer, which is why, begrudgingly, a few weeks back I checked out PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, despite no real desire to do so.

It wasn't good, it wasn't horrible, it just simply didn't need to exist, and the same is likely true for the upcoming PIRATES 5, as this is a series that just prints money. STRANGER TIDES is shockingly at over $600M worldwide already. Sigh.

So who will helm the new feature? Cinemablend says they have an inside scoop on what the director wish list is for the next feature. Rob Marshall, who took over duties from Gore Verbinski is still being sought, but the "dream" list includes Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Chris Weitz and Alfonso Cuaron.

You may laugh at the notion that any respectable director would want to take on the fifth movie in the PIRATES series, but you forget that with how much money these movies have made, they can afford to pay people gobs of money for their involvement. Why do you think Johnny Depp is still around?

Who do you think should helm PIRATES 5, if it must exist?

Extra Tidbit: If you're going to cast Penelope Cruz as a pirate wench, her contract should include a revealing clothing clause.
Source: Cinema Blend



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