Pitt, Brolin, Roth?

With Eli Roth wrapping up his first major acting role in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, he’s eager to get back behind the camera for his latest project, ENDANGERED SPECIES. Not much is known about the film, other than it’s said to be sci-fi and allegedly PG-13, though whether Roth will be able to muzzle himself to achieve such a rating remains to be seen.

But this info wasn’t good enough for io9, so they tracked Roth down and pressed him for the goods. He didn’t give much up, but he did reveal his dream cast for the project:

“There are certain people that I really want to work with. But we'll see. I'm writing the parts with certain people in mind and we'll see if they do it…Well there's this guy Brad I just worked with, it would be wonderful to work with him again. Josh Brolin I'd love to work with him. Big fan of Josh and we like each other's work and have been looking for something to do together. I like to write parts for the people I like and see if they're available.”

He writes parts specifically for people he likes and sees if they’re available? I can see the character description now: “Man enters, he’s 45, blond and impossibly handsome. He knows what it’s like to be with the hottest woman and the world and his stable of multi-cultural children keep him constantly on his toes.” Come on Brad, you have to do it. No one else can!

Head over to io9 for the full interview.

Extra Tidbit: I haven't seen Roth's directorial debut CABIN FEVER yet. Was it any good?
Source: io9



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