Pitt off to Pinkville

Michael Pitt In a surprising mainstream move for someone who's carved out quite the niche as a bloodshot eyed, unshaven weirdo (much like his actual persona as shown in the picture to the right) who bangs a ridiculous amount of insanely hot on and off screen ass, Michael Pitt is in talks for a supporting role in Oliver Stone's return to the Vietnam War, the unfortunately named PINKVILLE. The film deals indirectly with the events of the 1968 My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War in which close to 500 Vietnamese citizens, including women and children, were murdered by the US Army, in that it follows General William R. Peers' (Bruce Willis) investigation into the US involvement in the event. Pitt would be playing the seemingly crucial role of Lt. William Calley, the Army officer who was found guilty of ordering the slaughter. Also joining the cast is Toby Jones as Lt. Andre Feher, the chief warrant officer who insists to Peers of US involvement in the massacre. Channing Tatum and Woody Harrelson have already joined the cast. Pitt can next be seen bumping uglies with Keira Knightley in the period drama SILK.

Extra Tidbit: Pitt was once engaged to Asia Argento. That lucky bastard.



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