Pitt to remake Bullitt?

Today seems to be an unbelievably slow day, and while I dislike perpetuating rumor, a) this is pretty interesting; and b) like I said, slow day. Apparently, the story goes that Brad Pitt is considering playing the Steve McQueen role in a remake of his movie BULLITT. This story though, stems from some unbelievably thin premise, wherein a source claimed that "Brad shares a lot of the same passions as Steve McQueen - including a love of motorbikes and fast cars - so it was a dream role for him.".

So don't take this as gospel, just yet. Still, Pitt has been linked with this project for years, so maybe there's a little more weight to this rumor than most.

Personally, I approach any Brad Pitt casting rumor with extreme trepidation. I think his highest priority right now is an Oscar. BABEL didn't really do that for him but I'm sure DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB will get him extremely close if it happens. Thus, I can't help but doubt any news of him on any project that is neither awards-orientated (like DALLAS) or genius/with a genius director (like THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON). That's how I know he's not doing HE-MAN. Still, this is a really iconic role, so maybe it will tickle his fancy. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Extra Tidbit: BULLITT was the first mainstream Hollywood movie to use the expletive 'Bullshit!'



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