Pixar hid a couple of cool easter eggs in Brave

I have seen every Pixar film in a movie theater with the exception of the first TOY STORY. There are a lot of haters out there who think Pixar is overrated, but I have come to expect the best from them with each release. I am not a CARS fan but my kids certainly love the films. Last week I took them to see BRAVE and they loved it. I will admit I did as well. The action scenes were great and the story was darker than I anticipated.

Pixar is known for hiding easter eggs in each of their movies. At least one of those easter eggs is always a hint for the next Pixar film to be released. Seeing as we already know that will be MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, the image of Sully in BRAVE should have been expected. But, I was too absorbed in the film to spot these. Luckily, eagle eyed fans were able to spot them. Check out the images below.

The first is the Pizza Planet truck from TOY STORY and the other is Sully himself from MONSTERS UNIVERSITY. See if you can spot them.

Source: Latino Review



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