Pixar readies Mars

At one point Jon Favreau was attached to direct JOHN CARTER OF MARS (as was SKY CAPTAIN's Kerry Conran) but eventually dropped out and went on to bring IRON MAN to superstardom. In the meanwhile, Pixar picked up the rights to the Edgar Rice Burrough's book and while out promoting WALL-E, writer/director Andrew Stanton confirmed he's writing the script. Stanton told The Pixar Blog he is currently writing the script and if you think it's some kind of misquote or embellishment, they asked him to repeat the news and he did: "I am writing John Carter of Mars right now." Stanton is behind Pixar's most successful film, FINDING NEMO, and has what could potentially be one of the next most successful films WALL-E set for release later this year. Pixar usually doesn't announce their films this far ahead but Stanton didn't just let it slip. Whether this will be an animated film or a live-action film remains to be seen (Pixar is currently partnering with Brad Bird on the live-action film 1906). Whatever it is, Stanton is on a creative roll and I'm sure he'll be kicking major ass. Can you imagine an animated Pixar film with a PG-13 rating. Too cool for words.

Extra Tidbit: Stanton was the voice of the stoner turtle Crush in FINDING NEMO.
Source: The Pixar Blog



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