Plan 9 From Outer Space remake is heading your way next month

There is certainly a place in the industry for remakes. While it has become popular for fans to criticize the very idea of a remake, regardless of what it is, there are a number of beloved films over the years that have been remakes of earlier material - THE THING, THE FLY, etc. If a filmmaker can find a way to improve upon the original or put their own spin on the source material, then the potential for a remake to co-exist with its predecessor is absolutely there.

And that brings me to Johnny Johnson, who has made a remake of Ed Wood's PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Having been in the works for a number of years, Johnson's film, simply known as PLAN 9, really has nowhere to go but up. After all, how do you not make better a film that has long been considered one of the worst movies ever made?

We're going to find out though, with PLAN 9 getting a street date to hit VOD next month, with a Blu-ray/DVD release to follow sometime in April or May. Gravitas Ventures has officially picked up the film and is releasing it out into the world, and... well, it can't be any worse than what Ed Wood already gave us, can it?

PLAN 9 hits VOD on February 16.

Source: Horror Society



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