Play as Matt the Radar Technician in new Star Wars Battlefront II mod

I think it’s safe to say the SNL sketch featuring Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) as Matt the Radar Technician in an UNDERCOVER BOSS spoof is better than even some of the Star Wars movies. So many excellent moments and lines, with Driver making the character’s dramatic, intense persona come off as hysterical. Though we may never see the return of Matt on TV, a new mod in the video game STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II allows you to don the orange vest, tan uniform and blonde wig and have Matt go on a rampage. This is what happens when you touch his food in the staff refrigerator, guys. IT. WAS. LABELLED!

The video comes from Star Wars HQ, and features the playable Ren character (dressed as Matt) going around cutting down poor souls in the game. On top of the carnage are lines from the sketch played over the video, which makes it look a bit sillier as “Matt” mows down enemies. The mod can be found here for those who play the game, which I do not. I have yet to play either of the new BATTLEFRONT games, but if I can now get my hands on this new Kylo skin, I may have to shell out the $60.

Catch STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI in theaters now. 

Source: Star Wars HQ



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