Polanski's Ghost held

    The Ghost

Say what you will about Roman Polanski and what's been happening with him lately, I was nonetheless looking forward to his latest film THE GHOST. But like the man himself, it's been put away for the time being.

The film based on a Robert Harris novel follows Ewan McGregor as a ghost writer whose research into former British PM Pierce Brosnan's life for his memoirs leads to dangerous revelations.

According to the folks of Latino Review, the film is pretty much completed save for sound mixing and score, and will stay that way until Polanski's legal problems are resolved. I can't disagree with those who claim that if he was clean as a whistle he would've stood up and fought for his rights then instead of fleeing for 3 decades, but still, the man can sure make compelling films and this one looked to be on par. Who knows now when we'll get to see it.

Until further notice, the most we'll get is the 15-second teaser, which we already got HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Polanski was contracted to direct Tintin for Spielberg circa 1988, proof that Stevie had been having this one in mind for a while.
Source: Latino Review



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