Pop-Up Movie Facts: Spider-Man 3 (2007)

It almost feels like Spider-Man never left theaters. We have seen the webbed one swing across the silver screen many times over the past decade and a half. There's just something charming about a wise cracking teen dressed as a bug who fights crime. As we all know, this iconic character will be showing his spider face on the screen once again with that kid from that tsunami movie. (It is IMPOSSIBLE to remember the name of that film.) Over the years, most artistic depictions of Spider-Man use his superpower origin story as an allegory for growing up. In fact, all the Spider-Man films kinda feel the same; not that there is anything wrong with that. But there is just something different about SPIDER-MAN 3. This is the third and final chapter in the Sam Raimi's beloved trilogy; it is also universally agreed to be the worst. I will never forget seeing SPIDER-MAN 3 in theaters back in good ol' 2007. People were screaming at the screen, "What?! Another dance sequence?!" As The Sandman faded away I had a feeling like it would be a long time before we saw Peter Parker on the big screen again... it wasn't but this film almost made me think for one second that the superhero movie fad was almost over. I was wrong; there is a first time for everything. So dip yourself into some black goo and/or sand and prepare yourself for the next episode of JoBlo's POP-UP MOVIE FACTS: SPIDER-MAN 3.

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