Pop-Up Movie Facts: Unbreakable (video)

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I think we all remember the day we first saw THE SIXTH SENSE. Who is this M. Night Shyamalan guy? What will he do next? Surprisingly, the answer was a superhero movie. This came at a time when multiple studios were not just pumping out comic book movies left and right. UNBREAKABLE was a head of its time. The story slowly creeps up on us like the super powers of David Dunn. Guided by the perfect cinematic duo, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, this dark and gritty story tells the tale of a man who may or may not be blessed with superhuman abilities. Shyamalan takes us deep into the mythos of comic book heroes/villains while doing something completely original with the concept. After the whole world watched the behind the scenes special features on THE SIXTH SENSE DVD, we learned that this particular director likes to sprinkle hidden clues throughout his films to toy with his audience. UNBREAKABLE is no different. Whether it be the angle of a shot, the color of the wardrobe, or a case of foreshadowing, this latest episode of POP-UP MOVIES FACTS will walk you through all the "super" trivia there is to pop about M. Night Syyamalan's UNBREAKABLE.

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