Portman and Pitt?

Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman will both produce and star in an upcoming Paramount adaptation of the recently published book "Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry." I have a feeling that title will be shortened for the film (though they could go AVP on us and rename it IAAPPFTCOLDAHMIBSFAJ). Despite its overlong title, the book actually sounds quite interesting: it's designed like an auction catalog with all the items describing the relationship between Lenore Doolan, a 20-ish New York Times writer, and Harold Morris, a 40-ish photographer. The book uses items that range from clothes to notes, e-mails and heirlooms to convey the excitement, the hopes and dreams, and ultimately the heartache of a love affair that runs its course. How exactly they plan to adapt this into a romantic comedy (which is what it's currently being described as) is beyond me. So far the film is just in "development" and no writer is attached. Pitt will produce through his Plan B company with Portman through her Handsomecharlie Films.

Extra Tidbit: Natalie Portman > Angelina Jolie.
Source: Variety



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