Possible spoiler regarding the setting of Fringe's fifth and final season

WARNING: If you have not finished watching the fourth season of FRINGE, stop reading this article now.

As FRINGE enters its fifth and final season, many have been left wondering how they will wrap up such a mammoth mythology with only thirteen episodes. The show has crafted itself an intricate web of alternate realities and timelines that only dedicated fans can keep straight.

At the Critics' Choice Awards, series star John Noble let slip that “as far as I know, we’re just jumping ahead [to 2036],”

For fans of the show, that means they are going to spend the brunt of the final season in the Observer-ruled future highlighted in the excellent season four episode "Letters of Transit." The episode featured all of the original cast plus Georgina Haig as Peter and Olivia's now adult daughter Etta. No word on whether Lost alum Henry Ian Cusick would return.

Noble also shared that despite not being in the season four episode that star Anna Torv would return to the future timeline as Agent Dunham. “Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter are insurgents, so we know all the dirty tricks that have been played against us. We’ll be learning from the past.” Noble also explained elements of how they ended up frozen in amber for 20 years would be handled via found footage style flashbacks.

I was a big fan of season four and I look forward to seeing how they wrap everything up. What do you FRINGE fans think of this news?

Source: TV Line



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